Are you ready to get your project into print? Get on the FAST TRACK!

Whether it’s brainstorming your author platform or building a website, Tina Koenig and her team can help you get noticed and sell more books.

Each project begins with a frank conversation about your writing level and how far along you are in the writing process.  If you’re someone who’s new to the writing and publishing world, we strongly suggest you take advantage of Tina’s $99 FAST TRACK AUTHOR CONSULTATION CALL Not only is she a published writer, she’s an amazing resource. Calls average 1.5 hours and are full of information packed advice. Following your conversation, you’ll have three actionable steps you can take to get your book off the page and into print — including a realistic timeline for your project and estimated expenses. 

You could spend weeks and months doing research yourself. Or you could let Tina tell you exactly what to do next. 

Website Design

Have a website is the single most important thing an author can do to help sell books. In our experience, it’s the most challenging part of the marketing puzzle. We get it. That’s why we specialize in helping authors with affordable websites that can grow as your following grows. 

Author Platform

Okay, you’ve written the plot. Now, what’s your plan? We help authors determine how they can build readership and an audience even before their book is published. We provide you with coaching and homework that will make our process fun and interactive.

Social Media

Establishing a profile and following on social media is essential to obtaining a book deal. Let us help you claim your social media profiles, create cross-platform branding, and get you started with content ideas. 

Critique Services

Your friends and family love your book. But is your book ready for agents or publishers to read? We can match you to a published writer who will read your work and provide gentle and prescriptive feedback of your work.

Book Production

If you’ve decided to go the “indie” route and self-publish your book we can help. We have a team of trusted partners who can produce your book without the stress of doing it yourself. Don’t waste time and money — or risk mistakes.

Personal Publicist

Around our office we’re fond of saying that promoting a book is a full-time job. Most authors we know still hold full-time jobs. We can help you secure media coverage and even schedule book signings and plan events, leaving you free to write your next book or focus on work and family.