Are you ready to get your project into print or promote your book? Get on the FAST TRACK!

Whether it’s brainstorming your author platform or building a website, Tina Koenig can help you get noticed and sell more books. Or, you can purchase a consulting call and get clarity on your project’s next steps. This is Tina’s superpower!

Each project begins with a frank conversation about your writing level and how far along you are in the writing process.  If you’re someone who is new to the writing and publishing world, we strongly suggest you take advantage of Tina’s $99 FAST TRACK OR AUTHOR CONSULTATION CALL Not only is she a published writer, she’s an amazing resource. Calls average 1 to 1.5 hours and are full of information-packed advice. Following your conversation, you’ll have three actionable steps you can take to get your book off the page and into print — including a realistic timeline for your project and estimated expenses if that’s what you’d like to talk about.

Tina also works as a secondary book marketer and publicist (hired directly by the author) to support the efforts of traditional book publishers like Harper Collins, Wiley, and Llewellyn. She regularly books authors on podcasts, monitors media outlets for interview opportunities, and connects with bloggers and reviewers to help promote your new book and expertise. She’s worked with clients in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

You could spend weeks and months doing the research yourself about how to help market or publish your book. Or you could let Tina tell you exactly what to do next. If you’ve already published a book, Tina can brainstorm publicity ideas that make sense for you and your book. Once you buy the service, Tina will reach out for scheduling. Email tina at tina koenig dot com with any questions.


You may also try SquareUp scheduling software by CLICKING HERE. Just choose which service discussion you’d like and pick a date.

The perfect new book with a consultation

Did you know that only 2,000 authors who publish on Amazon earn more than $100,000 annually?

How to Self-Publish Like a Pro won’t promise you’ll grow rich, but it will help you publish sensibly and professionally without spending your life’s savings.

It’s one of the most comprehensive books on publishing and promotion for writers who don’t want to be overwhelmed. This book will help you gain the confidence to make decisions about your writing that make sense based on your goals.

Click this box to buy the book! — just $14.95 for the ebook and $24.95 for the print version.  Read the review from The Bookwatch (May 20, 2024) by clicking HERE.

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Website Design

Having a website is the single most important thing an author can do to help sell books. In our experience, it’s the most challenging piece of the marketing puzzle. We get it. That’s why we specialize in helping authors with affordable websites that can grow as your following grows.

Author Platform

Okay, you’ve written the plot. Now, what’s your plan? We help authors determine how they can build readership and an audience even before their book is published. We provide you with coaching and homework that will make our process fun and interactive.

Social Media

Establishing a profile and following on social media is essential to obtaining a book deal. Let us help you claim your social media profiles, create cross-platform branding, and get you started with content ideas.

Critique Services

Your friends and family love your book. But is your book ready for agents or publishers to read? We can match you to a published writer who will read your work and provide gentle and prescriptive feedback of your work.

Book Production

If you’ve decided to go the “indie” route and self-publish your book we can help. We have a team of trusted partners who can produce your book without the stress of doing it yourself. Don’t waste time and money — or risk mistakes.

Personal Publicist

Around our office we’re fond of saying that promoting a book is a full-time job. Most authors we know still hold full-time jobs. We can help you secure media coverage and even schedule book signings and plan events, leaving you free to write your next book or focus on work and family.

Read what friends and clients have to say!

“Tina Koenig’s knowledge, skills, and efficiency in website development represent excellence.  I enjoy working with her and consider her fees reasonable.  I consider myself lucky to have found her.”

Click HERE to visit Dr. Woods’ website.

Dorris Woods PhD, Nurse and Diabetic Specialist

“I’ve worked with a lot of PR people as both a reporter and a novelist and Tina was a joy to deal with — witty, quick, accurate, hardworking and thoroughly entertaining.”  – Click HERE to visit Elaine’s website.
Elaine Viets, award-winning mystery writer

“Tina did a fabulous job on both my book proposal and query letter. We worked together on each and had a phone call consult as well. Tina sent me a list of very in-depth questions to obtain not only information for my proposal but to get my own voice and style embedded into it. She worked in a very timely fashion and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her as she saved me a lot of time and I truly value her insight. I am a first-time author and cannot imagine doing all of this on my own. I want to shine and I feel Tina is going to get me to where I’d like to go! ”  – Click HERE to visit Jennifer’s website. 
Jennifer Benson, author Beautiful Possibilities

“Tina is wonderful, enthusiastic, creative and an extremely hard worker:  everything I could have wanted in a publicist!”  – Click HERE to visit Ellen’s website.

Ellen LaCorte, author The Perfect Fraud

“Tina is sensational. She handled my recent book launch, books me on podcasts, and helps to run my author business–including developing educational products that I sell digitally. Stellar!”  – Click HERE to visit Karen’s website.
Karen Gross, Writer, Educator, Consultant

“I know from personal and professional experience how Tina Koenig works tirelessly to accomplish incredible things for her clients. Tina’s leadership and team building skills enables her to form lasting relationships and networks that benefit her clients. In the marketing and public relations field Tina has the expertise to match her work ethic.” – Click HERE to visit Charles Todd’s website.
Charles Todd, Author Inspector Rutledge Mysteries, Bess Crawford Mysteries

“Tina Koenig is a marketing force! I met Tina a couple of years ago when I was a featured author at the Broward County, Florida, Literary Feast. Tina was the Special Events/Social Media Manager for the Broward Public Library Foundation, and under her keen eye and exceptional organizational skills, the Literary Feast was flawless and well attended. Her hard work promoting and celebrating each author made us all feel very special, and bumps in sales attested to the success of her strategies!”   – Learn more about Kate Clifford Larson HERE.
Kate Clifford Larson, author of Rosemary, The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

“I hired Tina to schedule appearances for me throughout South Florida. She is very creative, hardworking, and an absolute pleasure to work with!” Learn more about Debra Smiley Holtzman HERE.
Debra Smiley Holtzman, author of The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety and Healthy Living

“Being a first time author, there were many aspects of the process of which I was unsure. Tina not only thoroughly explained the process but made me feel comfortable along every step of the way. She gives 110% of herself to every detail and offers peace of mind that anything left in her hands will be accomplished with the utmost of professionalism as well as perfection. ”    – Robert Lawrie, author of “Cloaked in Faith” Visit Rob’s website HERE.
Rob Lawrie, author of Cloaked in Faith

I worked with Tina when I was an author at Fort Lauderdale’s annual Literary Feast and was impressed by her professionalism, graced as it was with humor and a kindness. – Thomas Swick, travel writer. Learn more about Thomas Swick at his website.
Thomas Swick, author of The Joys of Travel

Tina is my everything. She’s my marketing director, web site developer, social media guru and even helps me with my print ads. She’s is in the process of making my father’s dream come true —  which is having his book published! If you are looking for assistance with branding your business (book or otherwise) and getting it off the ground, Tina is the person to talk to! I highly recommend her!
Lisa Rosati, insurance expert at

Call (954) 989-3338 to make a plan to update your website or have a new website designed. We can have a site up and running in a week if you have photos and text ready to go. CLICK HERE to see a quick example of an author website template we can modify for your use.