The right cover can make or break your book. Review the work of the book cover and the designers listed below for ideas about who might be the best choice for your book. (Updated June 2024)

1106 Design – Provides full-service publishing at prices that will be among the highest on my list. A basic cover design costs $1,315, with revisions charged at $124 per hour. Interior typesetting starts at $2,582 for 50,000 words. Ask for examples before contracting with this company to see if the quality is worth the price.

Albertine Book Design – Run by Dottie Albertine, this is a small shop with eye-catching covers located in California. If you enjoy supporting small businesses, visit them.

Alexander von Ness – Alexander has hundreds of book cover looks on his site. He offers convenient pricing and unlimited changes. Check his portfolio to see if there’s a look you like. He packages ebooks and print book designs. Join his self-publishing and book marketing group to network with other authors and learn.

Alexandra Brandt – Alexandra is talented in creating young adult, science fiction, and fantasy-themed designs. She can also work with you to coordinate author branding before a book’s release. Many cover designers and book designers are also authors. I’m a fan of supporting the day job work of writers, so it’s worth getting quotes and estimates from boutique agencies like Alexandra’s.

All About Book Covers (L. Austen Johnson) – A former client, Austen specializes in pre-made fantasy, romance, and nonfiction for reasonable prices. This might be an inexpensive option if you’ve written a series and want the books to look similar. Ask about branding, too.

Andy Carpenter Design – Andy is in high demand and works with many small presses and publishers. Of all the designers mentioned, Andy Carpenter has worked on books you will recognize, as many are from well-known authors.

Author Support – The team of Jerry and Michelle at Author Support promises personal service and transparent pricing. They offer both cover and interior book formatting for ebooks and print books. They can also pull together branding materials that tie to your book. It’s easy enough to fill out their online form to get a detailed estimate on work.

Beetiful Book Covers – This site will have hundreds of pre-made covers if you’ve written a historical romance novel. As with other services, you’ll want to be sure other authors don’t have the same cover as you and that all images are licensed properly. It’s a good site to get ideas, too.

Beste Miray – Beste creates stunningly original covers that leave an impression. She can also handle your interior book design and production.

Bianca Bordianu and Moonpress Design – Bianca’s designs lean toward fantasy and dystopian genre looks. She can provide premade covers or custom covers for ebooks and full wrap. If this is your genre, you’ll find plenty to love here.

Book Covers for All – Based in Turkey, this boutique firm, run by Anton Khodakovsky, works with traditional presses and individual authors. Designs are highly original and a good choice for nonfiction authors. Anton also does book formatting and book indexing for reasonable rates.

Book Creatives – With an impressive client list, Book Creatives has examples of great covers in many genres that don’t use the same old stock images you find with many other companies. It’s worth contacting them to see what they can do for your project.

Book Cover Express – This company focuses on nonfiction and spiritual book projects. If this is your genre, then it’s worth a look. They will even read your manuscript, which is rare for a design team. I believe strongly in working with individuals who specialize as they tend to know the quirks of different markets, including what works and what doesn’t. As a bonus, they can format your book. They’re also members of the Alliance of Independent Authors, Independent Book Publishers Association, and the Nonfiction Authors Association, demonstrating that they support indie writers and indie publishing. Email Cathi Stevenson at or visit

Bookfly Design – Bookfly offers plenty of experience, but their prices are higher than most because they don’t use pre-made templates and guarantee unlimited royalty-free stock images. It’s hard to beat five rounds of design revisions. Purchase the combo ebook package and print for $799 at the time of this printing.

Books Covered by Stuart Bache – Based in the UK, Stuart comes highly recommended, and his prices are reasonable for the quality. Check the exchange rates before purchasing if you live elsewhere in the world. Strong in the thriller genre. It’s clear that Stuart is very professional and skilled.

Booksmith Design (Claire Smith)I’ve recommended Claire to many clients. She’s great to work with, and her covers are priced well. She has an eye for what stands out and can coordinate branding packages for your book.

BookWise Design – BookWise is unusual in that they’ll work with authors on book design and websites that integrate using WordPress. This might be an option for authors who want to simplify the number of vendors used. BookWise also offers website author training if you need it.

The Cover Collection – Boutique firm The Cover Collection designs book covers and branding for many genres, though they have a stunning collection of cozy mystery designs. If you’ve written a cozy mystery, this may be the service for you. A bonus is that they deliver designs within seven business days.

Damonza – Damonza can provide both cover design and interior book formatting. Its portfolio stresses image-based designs for genre fiction that lean toward romance, fantasy, and thrillers. One unusual feature is their animated covers, which will certainly get the attention of website visitors. Book cover design prices start at $175, and interior formatting prices start at $225. Book publishing experts frequently recommend Damonza for its good value.

David Airey – If you want to turn your book into an international brand, look at David’s site. While he doesn’t focus exclusively on books, he can design logos for your author imprint and other brand assets. Expect higher fees along the lines of what multinational corporations would pay.

Dissect Design – Based in the UK, Tim Barber has worked in every genre imaginable. His turnaround is a very quick, four to five days.

Draw Big Design – Jenifer Thomas owns Draw Big Design, based in Traverse City, Michigan. You’ll be able to have your book designed along with collateral and book branding needed for websites, social media, and promotion. Write to her for sample designs and a price estimate.

Extended Imagery – Carl Graves is the designer to author JA Konrath (but that was 12 years ago), so you know he has the design chops to create bestseller covers. His website is spare; you’ll need to contact him directly for estimates.

Foster Covers – George Foster designs book covers for the Pope and Chicken Soup books. He’s earned more than 300 awards for his work. No prices are listed on his site. As I suggest with all designers, check out their portfolio—especially recent titles. Look up the books on Amazon and see how they sold or if they are still in print. Reach out to George directly with your inquiry.

Get Covers – Of all the book cover creation teams, this is one of the most affordable. It offers cover designs that can also be worked into marketing materials. It has a fantastic variety of genres and audiobook cover designs you can review. A premium cover design starts at just $35. The pricing is hard to beat for anyone on a tight budget. The process begins by asking you to choose images from an extensive stock photo library, limiting custom design.

Illumination Graphics – If you prefer to work closely with a book designer and artist, check out Deborah Perdue, owner of Illumination Graphics. Most larger design studios use a “support ticket” service for changes and revisions, so be prepared for less personal service. Smaller shops mean you can easily speak to artists via phone and email. Make sure you have contracts with smaller shops, as terms and conditions may not be well articulated in order forms.

JD Smith Design – UK authors will want to check the portfolio of JD Smith, who has worked with many traditional publishers and knows the book business well.

Jeff Brown Graphics – Jeff may be a great choice if you’re an author hoping to get a big screen deal. He’s an outstanding illustrator specializing in cinematic and panoramic images—think world-building. His prices are not inexpensive, starting at $2,000. An advantage is that he includes the original art, collateral material, and branding for launch. He also negotiates convenient monthly payment plans which is a plus.

Jessica Bell Design – For a good laugh and help, get Jessica’s book about design. She has a great eye and some ridiculous sound effects on her site. Hire her for standalone covers, box set cover designs, audiobook designs, and anything under the sun. Basic book packages start at €550.

Julia Rohwedder – Julia is the go-to cover designer for authors writing fantasy. She works magic with covers for books with themes including magic, sorcery, demons, fae, angels, urban settings, and dark atmospheres. She requires that you book her in advance with a $45 fee that gets deducted from your package price once the project starts.

Karrie Ross Graphics – Karrie can handle your book’s interior and exterior look. She outlines some pricing on her site, but you must email her for accurate estimates. Remember, freelancers book up months in advance. One planning strategy is to have your book copy edited while the cover is being created. Karrie has a nice assortment of titles and example book covers.

Killer Covers – The king of packages. Killer Covers gives all those wonderful branding options I’ve been writing about. If you’re a nonfiction author who envisions or has multiple income streams, Killer Covers can design your books, CDs, box sets, postcards, website graphics, and lots more—who knows, maybe a wrapper for your car. This company feels larger than some of the other shops. As with any service, get references before you begin a big project.

Kostis Pavlou (works through 99designs) – If you’re looking for bold “illustrated” and graphic covers that don’t use photos, Kostis Pavlou is your choice. His designs are eye-catching and very original.

Lance Buckley – This is one of the best designers for book covers that don’t look like everyone else’s covers. He’s collaborative and likes input from his clients. Lance offers a money-back guarantee and gives his clients the source files—something not a lot of designers provide. Prices start at $750.

Laura Duffy Design – What I like about Laura’s work is that all the designs look unique. Her style is well suited to nonfiction and literary fiction. She also specializes in thought leader, celebrity, and culture books. Contact her for pricing.

MiblArt – While this site seems budget-friendly and has many choices for genre authors, prices can add up if you’d like alternate designs. There’s a design for just about any genre writer here, including fantasy, mystery, suspense, apocalyptic and horror, paranormal and steamy romance, science fiction, and young adult fiction. You’ll be able to sift through the site’s categories and find book covers that may be in a style you like. There’s a sameness to many offerings here, so customization is key. In addition to stock book covers, the company provides custom services. Prices start low at $150 for one cover look, but add up if you want more options. Compare the one design value offered here to other companies that provide five looks.

More Visual / Book Artwork – More Visual is a versatile small shop for book cover designs. Designers have expertise in modern fiction, crime and thrillers, war, nonfiction, romance, historical, science fiction, fantasy, and children’s literature. They’ve worked with some well-known authors. The titles are sophisticated and don’t all look the same. They’re also able to create motion graphics and artwork for social media. Authors need to fill out a short creative brief to obtain pricing. This is common on many cover design websites and services.

Robin Ludwig Design – The color used by this design house pops compared to other websites. There’s a high use of yellows, oranges, red, and tones in the blue range. Authors can choose from pre-made covers or custom. It’s a good choice for horror titles, suspense, and thrillers as the covers jump off the page. A bonus is the “swag” you can order from RL Design, saving you from ordering through separate vendors. And they create design packages for social media that include headers, cover reveals, and ad design for $69.

Rocking Book Covers – Rocking focuses on action and thriller covers that can be pre-made or customized. It’s a good service for standalone covers and books that will be part of a series. One of my cover pet peeves is the visual cliché of the shadowy girl or guy used on thrillers and suspense covers. You’ll find a lot of experts who suggest that certain cover looks are expected to indicate genre—like the half-dressed man in romance fiction. Nevertheless, I’d like to see more variety. Show cover designs to friends and colleagues to see which they like best. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different. Test the top designs with different audiences of friends and authors before making your final decision.

TS95 Studios – Hampton at TS95 Studios offers full-service design and is a great choice if you prefer working one-on-one with the artist. He works in fantasy, science fiction, and thriller genres. Prices start at $295.