Book Covers

Let us help you create dazzling eBook and Print covers that will encourage readers to download your books.

Designing a book cover takes some thought.


eBook Only or eBook and Print?

You book design should be the same on your eBook and print book. So, before you choose a design, consider both formats. What looks good on digital must also look good in print. 

What is the category and genre of your book?

There’s a big difference between a nonfiction book cover and a romance novel. It will be jarring to readers if the look of your cover differs greatly from standard looks for the category or genre.

Other than the book’s title and author’s name, what other elements need to be included on the books front or back cover?

For example, if the book has won an important award, it’s important to get the proper permissions and include the graphic on the cover. 

Know the format and publisher in advance.

The format of both your cover and book can be determined by the format and publisher you are using. Be sure to confirm the dimension you need for the final electronic or PDF files. 

Tiny covers and Thumbnails 

Whatever design you choose must be easy to read when it’s small and lined up against all the other covers in displays like If your cover is mostly white, add a border so it stands out against white backgrounds of online store shelves. 



We work with book cover designers who understand the specifications for both eBook and Print. They will make sure you receive all the necessary artwork you need for online and publicity purposes after the covers are rendered on your books.