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If you’ve chosen the “indie” publishing path, we can help format your manuscript for all the major ebook and print book platforms such as Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, CreateSpace, Amazon Kindle and IngramSpark.

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Book Formatting Options

We’ll help you manage book cover design for ebooks and print books. You can format your book for electronic devices and print – all at once or for one platform or device at a time depending on your budget.


Buyers do judge your book by its cover. Have the front and back professionally designed for electronic reading and print copies.
Starting at $149 for eBook only.



Your book needs to be formatted for a variety of electronic readers. We format for Apple iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and Amazon Kindle.



Our print books look like those from the major publishing houses. Have books printed on demand as you need them for events. And make sure they are available for order Through and other bookstores. 

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Book Formatting Project Intake Form

Please fill out all the form information below. Once we review the form we’ll email you to request the manuscript. We don’t accept uploaded files because of hacking and format corruption concerns. 

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Do you need us to format a printed book? The files provided are called PDFs. These may be used for uploading to CreateSpace, Amazon KDP print and IngramSpark. Please let us know if you wish to publish with another vendor as we will need to provide other formatting at additional prices.

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