Book Proposal Writing Service

What are the three most dreaded words in a writer’s job description? You guessed it: book proposal writer. If you’re writing a memoir or nonfiction, you can’t get past the email box of an agent or publisher without a book proposal.

A book proposal is a 15-20 page document that “sells” your book to an agent or publisher. It’s essentially a complete business and marketing plan for your book. It’s a proposal and defense. You explain why your book will sell. You put forth evidence of market need. You dazzle them with your voice and authority while placing your qualifications into context. 

If we’re being honest here…the point is to convince a publisher that you will make them money. Using your beautiful words.

Writing can be fun. Publishing, well it’s a business. If your proposal is convincing, you’ll be signing a contract. 

Did we mention it’s a TON of work and very, very research intensive to write a book proposal. There are plenty of free resources out there to walk you through the process. Or you can hire us to write it while you start your next project.

FEE: Starting at $2,500