We understand…you’ve been so focused on writing your book that you couldn’t possibly have time to think about your brand! You probably know your characters better than you know yourself. That’s why we’re here. We schedule a consultation with you — and, to be honest, we give you homework. From this, we distill enough information to build a brand that will make you stand out from other authors in the marketplace.

Here’s a quick list of what a branding re-boot can look like:

  • We drill down to find the personal story that will make you stand out in the marketplace.
  • We create a tagline based on your story or experience.
  • We identify your ideal reader or buyer persona.
  • We look at potential associations with market niches. And we’ll often suggest community-related activities to undertake for building brand awareness. 
  • We identify three key markets where you should be selling books. 
  • We provide ideas to attract these markets (e.g. a blog topic) that will make your ideal buyers purchase your book.
  • We provide art direction and photography guidance – for example web color palettes based on your photos or book covers.
  • We provide personal styling and author photo guidance including suggested looks.
  • We review video footage of you and suggest media training sources if you’re not comfortable speaking in public.

Authors who choose to work with us on branding need to be open to suggestions and willing to try new looks in photos and other media assets.  Your branding re-boot will be outlined in a 10-page report once we’ve completed our research. 

Who are you?

Read through the prompts below to get an idea of some of the questions to consider as you build your personal brand and author profile. 

Prices start at $199 for custom branding. Email contact (at) tina koenig dot com.