Press Kits Make Getting Publicity Easy

If you want media coverage, give them what they want — a press kit.



Press kits, also known as media kits, make it really easy for reporters to quickly learn about you and your book. A press kit is a page on your website, or a PDF document, that contains essential background information,  links to photos that may be used for publication, and contact information for you and team members — like a publicist.


We can add a press kit page to the website we build for you. Or, create a PDF that can be downloaded by reporters or emailed to them as needed.

Your press kit will include an author bio and one sheet, a press release, and links to both web-ready and high-resolution versions of your author photos and book cover.


If you don’t have author photos, we can help find a photographer in your area to do a series of shots that work for a variety of formats such as landscape and portrait.

For an additional fee, we can style you. What do we mean by that? We’ll send example photos that contain suggested wardrobe looks and poses. In most cases you’ll want casual as well as more polished, formal looks — especially if you plan to appear at conferences.

In many cases, our authors go shopping to find the looks that match our photo suggestions.

Your job as an author seeking publicity is to be prepared. And to look well-groomed.

If you don’t have photos that work for a journalist’s publication format, your story WILL get cut. If you want to do television, good photos are a MUST. More about video later.

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