How to Self-Publish Like a Pro:

A Comprehensive Guide to Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Book

Did you know that only 2,000 authors who publish on Amazon earn more than $100,000 annually?

How to Self-Publish Like A Pro won’t promise you’ll grow rich, but it will help you publish sensibly and professionally without spending your life’s savings.

It’s one of the most comprehensive books on publishing and promotion for writers who don’t want to be overwhelmed. This book will help you to gain the confidence to make decisions about your writing that make sense based on your goals.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your author business
  • Write the best book possible
  • Decide if you should self-publish or traditionally publish
  • Produce your book professionally
  • Launch your book with free and paid advertising and promotion

Whether you have a $10,000 or $100,000 budget, you’ll find ideas and resources to make your dream of publishing a book possible. Think of this book as your mentor. Each “How to” chapter helps the reader decide within minutes what steps to take next.

Also included are suggested vendors and production timelines that can be adapted for any genre of book.

Everything from Amazon advertising to building author websites is covered in the book.

Whether you’re writing children’s literature, adult fiction, or nonfiction, this book will take you through all the steps necessary to publish a book without stress or getting ripped off. Seriously, save the drama for your book’s characters!

How to Self-Publish Like A Pro includes suggested budgets, vendor names, and production timelines that have been field-tested by the author. You’ll get current advice from someone who’s working in the business.

Tina has worked directly with hundreds of authors to help publish and promote books—from finding the right editors to booking tours, from planning in-person events and garnering international publicity.

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How to Self-Publish Like A Pro

Tina Koenig

Independently Published

9781736470527, $24.95 Paperback/$14.95 ebook

With the publication of “How to Self-Publish Like A Pro: A Comprehensive Guide for Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Book”, Tina Koenig covers all the basics for would-be self-published authors, from the initial structuring of an author’s business to building and promoting an author presence and registering a book with the Library of Congress.

Koenig’s extensive information goes beyond the basics of how to publish a book. It also covers the aftermath of promotion, which is as important to the publishing process as gaining an ISBN and understanding how to work with different kinds of publishers.

Koenig outlines how to provide review copies months before publication so there is adequate time to schedule reviews that dovetail with a book’s publication date. She also encourages understanding the pros and cons of different platforms for gaining book reviews (including ones that many novices won’t think about, like Instagram).

Ultimately, Koenig pins down the nuts and bolts of the publishing process in a manner that requires no advanced (or even much basic) prior knowledge.

Another subject Koenig covers, that many books about the process do not, is how authors can lay the groundwork to become an ‘expert’ whose advice will be solicited by podcasters and other media entities. There is no better publicity than that which comes from added value, delivered by an author who backs, say, an interview with repeated emphasis that their book holds further information, and thus will prove of additional interest to listeners or readers.

These kinds of strategies make the most of the latest technology, social media, and literary connections in the industry, affording Koenig’s book a contemporary and wide-ranging series of applications. These are broad in scope and specific, with easy step-by-step insights that any novice publisher can easily absorb.

Koenig’s strategies make the most of the latest technology, social media and literary connections. Each chapter is broad enough in scope to be easily absorbed, with step-by-step insights that any novice publisher can implement. These qualities place How to Self-Publish Like A Pro head and shoulders above similar-sounding books, affording it a diversity and ease of understanding that will make it a major library and reader attraction.