Literary Agent & Book Publisher Research

You’re busy. Writing. Working. Spending time with friends and family. Writing. Especially on weekends. So, let us help you find the best agent or publisher for your baby — you know…your book.

We will identify a list of 20 agents or publishing houses where you can submit your work. Clients who choose this service will already have a query letter, book synopsis or book proposal written. If you don’t, or have no idea what those are — call or email us. We can help prepare those documents for you.

Once we finalize our research, you will need to be able to submit the materials from the information provided. We provide you with an Excel file with names, the correct email or online submission information, plus any special instructions. We are happy to handle the query and submission process for you for an added fee.

Please fill out the easy online form below. Once we review all your materials, we’ll send a link for payment. It usually takes a week to complete your research.


Price: $250

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It typically takes us a day or two to review your materials. If your project is accepted, we’ll send you a link to make payment. We look forward to working with you. You will need to answer the math question at the end in order to submit this form. Many of the input fields below are REQUIRED.

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