Why you need a press release for your book.

A press release lets the world know your book exists. When you call a television producer or contact a bookstore to schedule an appearance, the first thing they want from you is a press release – sent by email – the minute you get off the phone with them. We know because we do this each day for our clients

A press release contains timely and relevant information about you as a writer or expert authority. It’s the one document that must be sent with your book when requesting reviews. There’s just no way to say it…this is not the place to skimp when it comes to marketing your book.  We founded the internet’s first press release distribution business so this is bread and butter territory for us. We can write a release from scratch or polish a release you’ve written. Read more below. 

Our Workflow and System

Our team will draft a press release that delivers both punch and polish. We’ve been writing press releases for print and online distribution since 1995. Our writers are skilled at press release writing that’s direct and compelling. We’ll craft a great hook for your book or story and make sure the tone of the release reflects your individual style or tone.

All of our writers follow The Associated Press journalism style book guidelines and use SEO best practices that incorporate search engine friendly phrases into documents through seamless transitions that don’t interrupt the flow of your story. We offer convenient and fast turnaround — most releases can be delivered within one week depending on the time zone.

Affordable and Convenient

To get started, please use our contact form with a request for press release services. We’ll send you our “getting started” interview and generate an invoice so that you may provide payment.

If you prefer to work by phone, please call +1 954-989-3338 to begin the process. As you can imagine, we receive a lot of calls related to editorial requests – in many cases it’s faster to reach us by email. 

Schedule Details

Once you’ve placed your order and provided a few details, one of our writers will email you a customized interview. If you prefer, we can conduct a 30-minute interview by phone to gather information that will be used in the press release. Conversations lasting more than 30-minutes will be billed at $40 per hour. 

We prefer to work from information provided at a web site, in marketing and collateral materials, through email, fax, snail mail or any other media provided if you feel it will help us better understand your media objectives. We can pitch you a few ideas and run with them, or you can be very specific about your content requirements and be an active participant in the process.

Following the interview and information gathering process, the writer assigned to your story will draft a press release and send it to you for approval. Typically, our clients make minimal changes. There is never a charge for edits.

Most of our client’s press releases run 400 words long. There is an additional charge for releases over 400 words or releases that require the writer to read beyond the scope of a website, summary, or abstract of a document. Final copy is supplied as a plain text file in Microsoft Word delivered to you by email for wire, print, or online distribution.

Ask a member of our staff for example press releases.

Wait…I Only Need Editing!

Have a press release that is already written? Maybe the headline or text needs a bit of polish? Most press release editing assignments cost $75.

I’m in a rush and just can’t wait. 

If you’re in a rush, phone our offices at (954) 989-3338. Our offices are open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. We’re located in the U.S. East Coast time zone.