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I’m so glad that you’d like to work together. I began consulting because I know how complicated it is to self-publish or present your book to an agent. I help authors through the process of publishing and promotion–and I also do some coaching and business development. While I can’t take on every client with whom I consult, you’ll learn a lot from a call.

Clients also use this time to review where they are in the publishing and promotion process and make sure they are on track.

The scheduler below books my time through the Square application. All appointments must be booked 48 hours in advance or the calendar will not let you book correctly. You may book here, or you may pay for a consultation through PayPal and I’ll email you my availability.

I am a “global” literary consultant and have worked with clients in the following localities and countries: Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Scotland, and Singapore. If you’re not a U.S.-national and have questions about breaking into the U.S. market I can provide that advice.

If you are in a rush, click HERE to pay using PayPal. I will email you open times.

At times the Square booking integration below may not display well below, please click this Square link for an alternative:

For questions, please email tina (AT) tina koenig dot com. I schedule one or two calls/video sessions per day (maximum) with availability on weekends for writers who also work full-time. The remainder of my time is spent “in the trenches” working for my clients.

Because of all the spam phone calls that my office receives, I rarely answer my phone. Please email any questions in advance regarding scheduling.

Finally, as much as I love working with authors, all my time is fully booked with consulting calls and ongoing work. As such, the only way to have an extended conversation with me is to book time on a phone call or Zoom. Just about every person I talk with learns a lot they didn’t know about the book and publishing industry–or they get clarity or a reality check about their book prospects for publishing and marketing.  It’s time and money well spent.